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"It's absurd to divide people into good and bad.  People are either charming or tedious."  -Oscar Wilde

This book was inspired by Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers by Walter Hoving (1961), in which he wrote:

"Good manners are as important as good grooming and good behavior.  Unfortunately, however, in this day of confused standards, manners are sometimes sadly neglected."

Some might ask, Why worry about manners when there are people shooting each other in the streets and climate change is threatening our very existence? Well, these things began with bad behavior.

And as we go about our stress-filled days, approaching the apocalypse, there’s something to be said for behaving gracefully. It may be too late, especially in America, to stop this avalanche of annoying behavior, but let’s give it a try, shall we?

—From the Forward to Mind Your Manners: How Bad Behavior is Destroying Civilization

About the Book

This is the kind of book that will probably be read only by people who don’t need it; that is, people with good manners and good taste. But perhaps such readers may be cajoled into sharing it with a friend—or foe—who does need it.

Chapters include:

Things Your Mother Used to Tell You

Work in a Restaurant

You Are Not the Queen

Hysteria is Not Happiness


Have You Become an Android?

About the Author

Karen Croft is a journalist who lives in San Francisco. She has been an editor and writer for, San Francisco Focus, the Palo Alto Weekly and many other publications. She also worked as a researcher and editor on Brothers and The Devil’s Chessboard as well as several other books by New York Times bestselling author David Talbot.


Book Details

Giulio Giannini & Figlio has been producing bespoke books for six generations in Florence, Italy.


The leather binding on Mind Your Manners is a custom blue, with gold embossing; the paper, font and design elements chosen with an artist’s eye for beauty and quality. The outer cover was specially designed for the book and hand-tied with a silk ribbon. In a world of expendables, this is a keepsake.


Each copy is signed by the author and numbered, as part of a limited edition of 250.

Purchase Your Copy

Please send a check or money order to:

Karen Croft

2048 Golden Gate Ave.,

San Francisco, CA 94115

Price: $45

Shipping: $9.50


To order multiple copies, or for shipping outside the U.S., please email the author at the address below.

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